The purpose of this site is ease the suffering of same-sex partners in binational relationships. To that end, it seeks to help to pass the Uniting American Families Act (Senate bill 424; House bill 1024). One main strategy is to gather stories of American citizens and their partners who are being hurt by the status quo of legal immigration discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation.

It can also serve as a clearinghouse of information on the status of these bills and on who needs to be lobbied, when, and why.

Primarily owing to our precarious situation and the fact that my partner is closeted, I will be remaining anonymous.

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  1. 2012 December 11
    admin permalink

    Hi Amos,

    I’ll be contacting the individual contributors to see if they want to share their stories w/ Out4Immigration. My hunch as that several already have, but I’ll contact all of them.



  2. 2012 December 11

    Hi, Out4Immigration and GetEQUAL has started a media campaign to push for an inclusive CIR recently. We are posting stories of same sex binational couples on our blog and sending them to media to create/raise awareness about the struggles faced by same sex binational couples and to make sure that the CIR bill introduced will be an inclusive one (and that we do not get thrown under the bus when the bill gets a vote).

    You have stories here from couples and we are wondering if you could put us in contact with them. (1) we want to get their permission to post their stories and (2) we want to get permission from you to post their stories.

    Maybe you would consider sharing your stories too or helping us spread the word?

    For more information about our call to action and to speak out: http://out4immigration.blogspot.com/2012/11/call-to-action-out4immigration-needs.html

    To read some of the stories that have already been published: http://out4immigration.blogspot.com/search/label/stories

    Amos Lim

  3. 2009 April 5
    West Irish permalink

    Thank you so much for having this blog and sharing your story and others.

    My partner and I are in a similar situation, with me being from the US and he being from Ireland. We have been struggling with the permanency issue for years, and have been living in NY for the past 3 years. My partner is here on an H1B visa, but the company has let him know they will not be renewing his visa when it runs out early next year.

    So, unless he wins a greencard in the diversity lottery, or finds another company willing to sponsor his visa again (he’s been looking since last summer and so far, no luck), we wil have to return to Ireland.

    Of course, if the UAFA passes, this would change everything!
    We are praying this happens this year.

    I have been calling many members of the House and Senate, not just the ones in representing my area, and asking them to co-sponsor this bill.

    Thank you again for your blog and keep thinking positively!

    • 2009 April 8
      admin permalink

      Thanks very much for your comment, West Irish! Would you allow me to feature your story in the “Our Stories” section?

      If you like, I can give you a “Contributor” account, so that you can write it yourself.

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