We Will Have Our Day in Court!

2012 December 7

A very, very good Friday.

Today the U.S. Supreme Court finally announced that they will in fact hear 2 cases involving the constitutionality of the despicable and cynically named, “Defense of Marriage Act” (a.k.a. DOMA). There were several possible outcomes to today’s repeatedly delayed announcement, but the announced outcome is truly the best for anyone who cares about just letting all people live their lives in peace, regardless of sexual orientation.

The Court will review both California’s Proposition 8 and also U.S. v. Windsor, which deals with the part of DOMA that prevents the Federal government from recognizing marriages that are legal in some states for purposes of federal issues (like sponsoring one’s partner for a green card, for example).

SCOTUS blog puts the estimated hearing date somewhere in late March 2013, with a ruling no later than the end of June 2013. It couldn’t come too early for my partner and I as, coincidentally, June 28 is the date certain that he will be laid off, and we will be scrambling to find an alternative way for him to remain in the USA legally.

For the more geeky law-geeks, here’s theĀ direct link to the Court announcement (PDF), courtesy of SCOTUS blog.

And here are links to a few other well-covered articles:


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