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In this section you will find true stories of binational couples separated by current law, forced to live abroad by current law, or living tentatively in the United States, never knowing how long they will be able to stay here legally.

If you would like to leave your story (anonymously or not), please click “Tell Us Your Story” in the sidebar and register for this site. It’s free and will give you write permission to add your story. So far, we have, with the most recent posting first:

The Mother Lode

I just discovered that there is another site that includes a much larger number of stories of people in our situation. It is a blog called IMEQ off of the Immigration Equality site. Immigration Equality is a large, well-respected organization with a long and venerable history of helping and advocating for members of the GLBT community who are being disciminated against based on their sexual orientation. The organization out of the Lesbian and Gay Immigration Rights Task Force, based in New York City. I had actually contacted them for advice about a decade ago, when Lavi Salow was the director.

At any rate, here is the link to the IMEQ site on which you can post your story, along with photos, via a nifty submission form (a bit simpler than just becoming a contributor on this site, which requires a minimal knowledge of blogging interfaces): http://imeq.us/our_stories/stories.html.

I counted 70 stories there so far, most including photos, some including videos, of people like us! The stories are dated from June 10, 2008 through the present. (Honestly, had I known that that site existed, I might not have started this site, or at least, might not have structured it as it is now.)

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