O’er the Land of the FREEEEEEE….

2013 June 26

Surely, Immigration Equality will forgive the borrowing of their banner graphic today:

this image is copyright of Immigration Equality (just borrowed for today)

Click the image to read today’s explanatory article on Immigration Equality to explain how today’s Supreme Court DOMA decision affects us.

In short, UAFA is no longer needed. Critical quote from the article:

couples who marry in a state or country that allows them to do so will be eligible to submit a green card application, even if they live in a state that does not recognize their marriage.

– See more at: http://immigrationequality.org/2013/06/lesbian-gay-couples-eligible-for-green-cards-following-supreme-court-decision-on-defense-of-marriage-act/#sthash.9Ck8aqwp.dpuf

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