Mother of binational partner

2012 September 24
by greeneyes

I am the mother of an American in a binational partnership for the past 20 years.

Our family has attempted to help our son and son in law every way we can think.

We have met with congressional reps, senators, the governors office,  and given numerous presentations to many organizations.

We have spent years having petitions signed, formed a local organization.

We have volunteered with Immigration Equality and the Human Rights Campaign.

We have marched several times with our local PRIDE functions and volunteered at PRIDE Festivals,

We have gone door to door and business to business and have acted as keynote speaker with PFLAG.

I am now a senior citizen and my son and son in law are now in their 40’s

So now I say to all you younger people in the same  position, (It is YOUR time to put in the work and hours it takes to change laws)

Civil Rights laws take a lot of time and energy to change and they never change in this country without people pushing really hard and not taking the work (No) for an answer.

So get off you butts and get busy. You have a lot of work to do;

Proud Mother of My Son and Son In Law

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