When Can We Go Home?

2011 September 25
by Amanda Gutierrez-Cooper

I am a British National in the UK who has been privileged to share the last eleven years with my partner who is from Texas.  We have a daughter who is doing well at school and has her eye on going to University eventually.  We have been lawful Civil Partners under UK law for almost 6 years and enjoy the same rights and responsibilities as a married couple.

Eventually my partner and daughter want to return home to the US with me to start a family business and be closer to the American side of the family.  Sadly as you know this will not be possible under current US laws.  I happened by chance on the UAFA and with it a glimmer of hope.

Too many people posting on this website have to make the difficult choice of conducting a relationship from afar or leaving their homeland for more genial shores.  Some choose the path of illegal immigration.  None of these options are acceptable to me or my family.

I consider UAFA to be a humanitarian piece of legislation which will allow people who have made strong and supportive families together (albeit non-traditional) to maintain those family units.

I certainly feel like any other family – we pay our taxes, worry about our child’s well-being, education and future.  We observe the law and try to be good honest members of the community.  I believe we have succeeded here in the UK.  All we want now is the same respect and value in the US.

When will the US extend the basic human rights it grants others to LGBT couples and their children?  I find it staggering to ask this question in 2011 when many countries including my own have addressed this most distressing dilemma.

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